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David's Bio

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What's holding you back?

DavidDavid has pondered this most of his life. As a child, David kept to himself and was somewhat shy. Around the age of 8, David started feeling the need to face a dramatic fear of speaking in front of people. He forced himself to volunteer to read newspaper articles, stories, and whatever else he could read in front of his schoolmates.  At about 13, he started viewing people as just people - no matter the age, gender, color, or status. He felt that people were just doing what they could do with their circumstances in life, trying their best with what they have, who they are, and feel they can be. The fear of speaking in public lingered until college and slowly began to loosen its hold.

Critical to his development was also the paradigm of relationships taught by his parents. They lived with a humble clarity of each person's unique and distinct gifts ... without exception. Accepting himself and others, David enjoys life's journeys.

David has had a job since the age of 9 and became a business owner at the age of 17 while still in high school. David hired his father to work for him when his father retired from the military. David says, “it was strange at 17 being my Dad's boss at work and him being my boss at home!” He graduated from the University of West Florida in 1989 and went to work for the Department of Navy as a federal service employee. After 17 years with the DoN, David pursued his passion for fiscal responsibility lodged in him in his high school years. He now operates his own company (Nautilus Financial Strategies, LLC) as a financial professional.

David is known as a hard charger and does not believe in “can't.” He has coached and captained sports teams, has been hand picked for special project teams in the workplace, has built and produced high-level work teams with high morale, has managed large scale national projects, has taught college level courses, has done many individual and small group motivational counseling sessions, and has done extensive training/coaching for financial professionals. Unabashedly passionate for his work and the people around him, David radiates energy and positive perspectives.

David loves family time with his wife Kelly, their son Zachary, their cat Lady, and dog Tiffany. He loves for family and friends to come over for Anderson burgers and pool time ... nothing is better!

David is passionate about helping people unlock their own potential by removing the baggage society seems to layer on us. He does not succumb to society's negativity and refuses to play by those rules. He feels that few people are born to be leaders, but everyone has an influence on someone. David truly feels that all people have something great in them ... he just wants to know,

What is holding you back?

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